La Ferme à partager

La Ferme à partager is all about conviviality.


La Ferme à partager

Sharing is essential to us. It fosters conviviality and a warm atmosphere where life is good. Sharing is both what our teams do for you every day, in the kitchen and in the time spent together. It’s also what we wanted to convey on our menu and on the plate, through a principle of garnishes to share on our menu, boards for your aperitifs, and a menu of generous meats from our maturing cellar.

A convivial place

In the heart of our old farmhouse, share an authentic moment with friends, family or just the two of you, around local dishes prepared by hand.

For the aperitif, we offer boards and other local products to share, and why not match them with a good bottle from one of our 3 wine cellars.

A delicious and unique menu

Our La Ferme menus offer a choice of starters, main courses and desserts based on the finest local produce, with a wood-fired touch. We offer a choice of side dishes to share, in the middle of the table for convivial moments.


The menu

Experience the warm, comforting notes of wood-fired cooking, an ancestral method that adds another dimension to the product: distinctive taste, crunchy texture, coloring… This type of cooking remains unique and singular.

We’re not inventing, we’re recreating forgotten flavors, while showcasing our terroir and the producers of our beautiful region.

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