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Discover our two restaurants, La Ferme à Partager and La Ferme Expérience, and experience a unique moment of sharing and conviviality.


at La Ferme du Bien-Être

La Ferme du bien-être is all about showcasing our terroir. Through our two restaurants, La Ferme à Partager and La Ferme Expérience, enjoy a moment of sharing and conviviality around fresh, local produce.

La Ferme à Partager, the bistro.

Sharing is an essential element for us. It inspires conviviality, and evokes a warm atmosphere where life is good. Sharing is both what our teams accomplish every day by your side, through the cuisine and the moments spent together.

It’s also what we wanted to convey on our menu, through a principle of garnishes to share on our menu, boards for your aperitifs, and a menu of generous meats from our maturing cellar. La Ferme à Partager is open Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

The bistrot menu

Our La Ferme Bien-Être menus offer a choice of starters, main courses with a bowl of side dishes to share, and desserts based on the finest products from our region, with a wood-fired touch to boot.

Enjoy meats from our maturing cellar, such as our wood-fired prime rib and pork chop.

From Monday to Friday lunchtime (excluding public holidays), we offer a menu of the day (starter/main course/dessert) at €15.50, featuring regional products that change with the seasons and inspiration.

Quentin Allirand

The chef

The Haute-Loire region is rich in committed producers, and our team is proud to be able to promote local know-how through our two restaurants.

La Ferme Expérience

La Ferme Expérience is a “carte blanche” menu, in 6 or 8 sequences, where you let yourself be lulled by the cuisine and the panoramic view from the dining room. Each sequence is shaped by a story, a specific period technique, or a childhood memory. Throughout your experience, a story is written, and tasted.

Our team

From the kitchen to the dining room, we do everything we can to help apprentices learn and develop in our professions. We support our apprentices in their first steps through our two restaurants. A moment at La Ferme du Bien-Être is above all a time for exchanging, sharing and spending time together, for warm memories between you and us.

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